Garden Planting

Planting is the cherry on the cake when it comes to creating that dream garden. Planting softens a garden layout and creates mood and emotion as the seasons change. Planting composition includes; colour, texture, tone, shape, height, spread, position and flower. The use of of the correct planting in your garden will ensure that your outdoor space will always thrive and achieve its full potential.


  • Planting design
  • For new planting schemes or rejuvenation of existing borders.
  • Plant sourcing
  • Cant find a specific plant? Fed of paying garden centre prices?
  • Border cultivation
  • Correct soil cultivation and advisory management
  • Pruning & maintenance
  • Seasonal pruning, splitting and re planting
  • Fertilizer and feeding
  • ph testing and analysis, correct fertilizer and feed application
  • Horticultural & Design Advice
  • Need help with an existing plating schemes?

Planting Consultation

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For a limited time only we are refunding all the design cost upon initiation of the build stage

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